Rivière-Ouelle Campground 176, chemin de la Pointe, Rivière-Ouelle

The food

Restaurants and bistros

Café Bistro L’Anse aux Coques
31, route du Fleuve Ouest, Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer (418) 739-4815
Located in front of the most beautiful beach in Bas-Saint-Laurent. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Heated terrace. Seafood and grilled meats.
Central Café 31, rue de l’Évêché Ouest, Rimouski (418) 722-4011

Restaurant du Phare 1560, rue du Phare, Pointe-au-Père (Rimouski) (418) 724-6161


Coop Alina 99, rue Saint-Germain Est, Rimouski, (418) 723-0355

Specialists in natural and organic foods. Wide selection of supplements.
Boulangerie Folles Farines 113, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Bic (418) 736-8180

Lemieux fishmonger 1560, rue du Phare, Pointe-au-Père (Rimouski) (418) 724-2888

Attractions and activities


Rimouki Regional Museum
35, rue Saint-Germain Ouest, Rimouski (418) 724-2272
Museum presenting exhibitions in contemporary art, community history and science and technology from the Lower Laurentian region.
La Maison du Notaire 168, rue Notre-Dame Est, Trois-Pistoles, (418) 851-1656)
Librairie Blais 30, rue Saint-Germain Est, Rimouski, (418) 723-2189
Luce Lévesque – Old paintings www.lucelevesque.com
Maison Lamontagne 707, route 132 Est, Rimouski-Est (Rimouski), (418) 722-4038


Leaumer Tour
Rimouski Marina, route 132 East, Rimouski (418) 725-9819
Zodiac excursions on the St. Lawrence River with an experienced captain: the park and the Bic Islands, Saint-Barnabé Island and the sunsets.
Kayak Rivi-Air Aventure Parc national du Bic, (418) 736-5252

Bic National Park 3382, route 132 Ouest, Bic (418) 869-3502

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Hotels and hostels Comfort Inn

455, boulevard Saint-Germain Ouest, Rimouski, 1-800-465-6116
The ideal choice for the region. With our 81 wonderful rooms and our friendly staff, your stay will be most enjoyable; satisfaction guaranteed.

Motel de la Pointe 1575, rue du Phare, Pointe-au-Père (Rimouski) (418) 723-8243

Auberge des Iles Du Bic

141, rue Sainte-Cécile, Bic, (1-888) 736-5008
House over 160 years old. 9 rooms with private bathroom. Warm welcome, intimate dining room and regional cuisine.
Auberge La Marée Douce
1329 boulevard Ste-Anne, Pointe-au-Père, (418) 722-0822
Victorian house from 1860, 9 bed. with private bathroom, sea view, seafood and grill restaurant, Musée de la Mer, 7 km east of Rimouski route 132, 20 min. des Jardins de Métis, package available.
Auberge Sainte-Luce 46, route du Fleuve Ouest, Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer, (418) 739-4955
L’Auberge du Pêcheur 282, route 132 West, Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer (418) 739-4868
Motel le Gaspésiana 460, route de la Mer, Sainte-Flavie 1-800-404-8233

Tourist lodges

Gîte La Maréchante 36, route du Fleuve Ouest, Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer (418) 739-5393

La Maison des Gallant 40, route du Fleuve Ouest, Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer (418) 739-3512

Thousand and One Nights Cottage 4, rue du Quai, Kamouraska (418) 492-1229

The Houses of the Lighthouse on Île Verte, Notre-dame-des-Sept-Douleurs (418) 898-2730

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A study by the Online Computer Library Center estimated in 2003 at 8.7 million

The number of websites in operation around the world that have a domain name. With 5 billion static pages and more than 25 billion documents from databases, the web is becoming more and more difficult to map.

The robots launched in all directions in the race for indexing have just reached a record at the beginning of 2004 with 4.2 billion pages referenced for Google. followed by Alltheweb and Inktomi his two most active challengers …
In view of this quantitative offer, thematic directories offer an appropriate qualitative alternative to a great deal of research

The Directories have listed more than 2,800 specialized research tools. Whether professional, associative, academic or voluntary, each of these directories will save you many hours of research and will certainly present you to the sites that should not be ignored in their field of expertise.

Thematic research also makes it possible to overcome the semantic problems linked to keyword research.

If our site seems useful to you, do not hesitate to make a link towards the home page or towards a specific section of the directory.

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New chef, new generation: a new era for the OSQ

We had been waiting for it for several months. The final vote for the first official ceremony in Quebec. The new conductor of the Orchester symphonique de Québec is called Fabien Gabel. At 36 years old, it is now confirmed that the first music director’s post. If you are imagining what the point is, you will be excited about the new one that will be here.

Born in Paris into a family of musicians, trained thrumpeter, winner in 2004 of the prestigious Donatella Flick conducting competition, he already has an impressive track record.

Here, he was invited to conduct the musicians of the Orchester meteotropolitain in Montreal and those of the OSQ in Quebec and at the Domaine Forget. Opera lovers no doubt know him since it is he who, at the head of the National Orchestra of France, accompanies Marie-Nicole Lemieux on her disc Ne me refuses.

New chef, new generation: a new era for the OSQ

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Introduce a Véronique Cloutier to Bye Bye 2012 Nadine Mathurin

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The number 8 of Meteo-Magazine is consigned to Soleil, the motors of the atmospheric circulation and all the meteorological phenomena that we do not need

The last two days of Paul Charbonneau’s passion for the motorbike that he signed the portfolio: the artist’s photography of the sole couque chaque soir … depuis plus de 10 ans! In fact, there are a number of highlights from the flight of Saint-Laurent, which are also part of the game.

Meteo-Magazine is edited and distributed in Switzerland. La revue compte environ 40 000 lecteurs francophones; elle paraît 2 fois par an, en juin et decembre. Elle aborde, à chaque parution, a thème de meteorologie.

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The 9th February Photo of The Day Providence of the Cheetah

The photograph of Paul Charbonneau is a special quotation
the sole coucher (or lune) in the Providence of the Cheetah or d’ailleurs

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See The daily Coucher Of The Day

Depuis prés de 10 ans, Paul Charbonneau, who habite la Basé du-Fleuve région, published on the Internet a photo of the coilher of the sun every day. Son web site reoot des partout views, plus 5 million a day. We have shared this photography with you, in Kamouraska.

According to Paul Charbonneau, this is a great environment 20 minutes before a sole coucer. And while the fleet is tranquil, it is possible to see a “pont d’or” in the face of the Côte d’Ivoire.

L’entrevue avec Paul Charbonneau
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The site Soleil du jour

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