A study by the Online Computer Library Center estimated in 2003 at 8.7 million

The number of websites in operation around the world that have a domain name. With 5 billion static pages and more than 25 billion documents from databases, the web is becoming more and more difficult to map.

The robots launched in all directions in the race for indexing have just reached a record at the beginning of 2004 with 4.2 billion pages referenced for Google. followed by Alltheweb and Inktomi his two most active challengers …
In view of this quantitative offer, thematic directories offer an appropriate qualitative alternative to a great deal of research

The Directories have listed more than 2,800 specialized research tools. Whether professional, associative, academic or voluntary, each of these directories will save you many hours of research and will certainly present you to the sites that should not be ignored in their field of expertise.

Thematic research also makes it possible to overcome the semantic problems linked to keyword research.

If our site seems useful to you, do not hesitate to make a link towards the home page or towards a specific section of the directory.

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